Iron Gloves's previous studio album "Break The Chains" has been awarded the title of "Demo of the Month" by German metal magazine METAL HAMMER in October 2013.

Break The Chains - aktuelles Album

"Break The Chains" features full 15 Songs of finest heavy metal. It's a many-sided work celebrating its own craft with its driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, a rebellious rock 'n' roll attitude and last but not least its sensitive ballads.

We are very happy about the partially outstanding feedback on our debut and send our thanks to all those who support us and further inspire us with their positive reactions!

METAL HAMMER (Oct. '13): "[...] Somewhere between Edguys SAVAGE POETRY shelf and Hammerfalls GLORY TO THE BRAVE gourmet corner. [...] If the sextet from Ulm manages to condense those strengths on their next release a similar career might be in store for Iron Glove. (Translated from German original)

FIREWORKS Magazine (Feb '14): "[...] After hearing 'Break The Chains' and having really enjoyed it, I was shocked to notice these guys are unsigned and this is a self-financed release; so hats off to the band for the quality production on this album. [...] 'Break The Chains' is varied enough to keep your interest and can also fill the void left by Priest and old school Metallica in current times. [...]"